Charlene McAuley.

Yoga. Somatics. Gestalt Therapie. Body Mind Centering.


"Practising Yoga for over 16 years and teaching for almost nine of those years, I've witnessed within myself and many students the immense benefits of bringing together the wisdom of this ancient tool with our intrinsic desire to dance, and newer modalities such as Somatics, Gestalt Therapy, and Body Mind Centering. 

Working with a wide range of people, including Premier League and World Cup footballers, I look at the whole person in front of me and allow who they are and the person they wish to become to inform the practice, just as I do in my own practice. The tools are simply tools, it is our sacred beings - you, me, and we - that bring these tools to life for more ease, freedom, and presence on our journey through this process we call living."

We're excited to host Charlene for her EMBODIED YOGA workshops in the SWEET SPOT Studio.

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