06.11., 10.00 - 12.00


How it feels to move from your centre. 


Led by Charlene McAuley, the workshop brings together embryology, functionality, and creative Yoga movement to empower you to sense for yourself how it is to expand core awareness. 

A workshop for Yoga students and teachers seeking to move authentically by heightening the felt sense of what it is to be rooted and move from our centre. Although not perfect, the word ‘core’ gives an approximation of the meeting point between bottom to top, left to right, back to front, and everything in between as well as being home to our centre of gravity. Moving with core awareness offers not only better, more efficient movement thus helping to reduce injury, but also offering a deeper sense of connection to ourselves and environment. We literally feel more centred and rooted.

Expanding Core Awareness guides movers to drop into the felt sense of their core with movements that increase proprioception (position in space) and interoception (the felt sense of within), as well as breathing techniques that highlight the different areas of core. We then move into a flowing Yoga practice anchored in core awareness so you not only create the connections in the moment, but these connections serve you in your usual Yoga practice. 

About Charlene

A Senior Yoga Teacher and teacher to World Cup, Champions League and Premier League footballers as well as teaching leading healthcare professionals, Charlene brings her profound interest of the human experience in movement to offer a workshop that is enriching, empowering, and of course, centring. 

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SAMSTAG, 06.11., 10.00 - 12.00 (2h)
[This workshop is taught in English]

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